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Julijana Vukmanovic

"ARE YOU READY to Find & Express Your   GOD  GIVEN GIFTS? "

Guided Meditation for Protection
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I feel I cannot be this physical body, this body that represents me to others. I am my immortal soul which sails where she wants and desires. My soul is my true and unique self.

Only my soul can feel this peace, tranquility, and the freedom that always exists.       


Hi, I’m Julijana

Systemic Healing Method Therapist

I was born and raised by parents who loved and appreciated our Mother Nature. My mama’s childhood stories were based on her experiences with animals:  horses, cows, dogs, cats, and many others. I love animals. I grew up with dogs, cats, even the owl. My parents did a good job sharing their love of mountains, forests, sea water, sweet waters, and taught me to appreciate it all.  As a child, I was often day-dreaming of becoming a tree. Trees are so graceful, kind, and strong. They are the best secret keepers.

Hi my name is JULIJANA
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Everything we need to feel happy is already within us.

All we need to do is to dive in and explore.

Personalized Services

Be determined and persistent in reaching your goals. Even if you live in adversity with others, never give up. 

 Remember to trust yourself and always be kind to yourself. 



Back in August 2020, I was searching for a family constellation therapist in Toronto and found Julijana on the internet. I booked a session with her and I immediately felt connected with her charismatic and loving personality. With this session, she helped me understand many things from my past and began my healing journey. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment.

 Diego Brol 

My session with Julijana was the first time I was doing a past life meditation. Throughout the whole process, I felt comfortable and safe. 

As we moved through the past we were able to clear many family issues. The really interesting part for me was when I did the final jump forward in time

I ended up six years in the future, where everything was at peace.

Thank you Julijana for an incredible experience.

Timothy N.

My sessions with Julijana have always been so powerful. The space she creates is very healing and allows for deep work to happen. I've always felt incredible and light after I see her, in a completely new space. It is a beautiful co-creative experience that allowed me to feel and tap into things I wasn't seeing before. I'm so grateful for the experiences and think about them to this day. 

Jasmine E.

My work with Julijana has empowered me to change my life perception and experience. It enabled me to recognize patterns that were previously dictating my reactions in relationships and life in general, and causing me so much pain. Her intuition, skill, compassion and understanding of the journey of being human is a rare gift indeed, and I am so very grateful for my path to cross with hers. I am proud to say I started living my life with the great appreciation of self-love, and self-respect. Thank you Julijana for being such a brilliant healer, seer, and supporter. 

                                               Visnja K.


Our lives are defined by the choices we make. It's these choices that define our character, our authentic self.

Pursue beauty, faith, love and kindness. Pursue opportunity to improve this world for somebody else.

Let's us simply be beautiful.

Why, Work with Julijana?

When you work with Julijana you will be guided to discover the more authentic truth of who you are, beyond relationship entanglements and a distorted self perception that has been keeping you from the more complete awakening of your own heart.

Julijana brings to her sessions years of deep experience working with hidden loyalties, relationship entanglements and burdens that may exist in ancestral lineage. She works from a foundation of simple and yet profound truths that will assist you to re-awaken your heart to its natural state of flow.

When we start living from the centre of our being, the heart, in grounded and authentic ways, more and more peace enters our lives. When you have peace, you have it all.

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