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My life journey is filled with love, kindness, compassion, cheerfulness and immense joy. Everything is open, clear, true, vital, and sincere. My relationships with people are crystal clear, filled with trust, compassion, and faith that everyone is good. I'm doing the job I love the most. I facilitate people to get to know themselves better, and discover their own light and beauty. I guide them to realize they carry Divine light within, and they carry Creator given gifts. I witness the most amazing truth when people start shining like the most beautiful stars in the sky.

I also write short stories. My stories are very popular among many readers. Readers recognize life true values in my stories. I share that truth about all Earth creatures and their important part in the Creator divine plan.

I believe there are not stop signs on paths I choose.  There are no obstacles that cannot be overcome. There are no barricades that cannot be crashed. Love wins in all areas of life, love that walks with peace.

My life was not like this twelve years ago, when one day I woke up looking at my mirror reflection and I did not like what I see. I needed to change. I wanted to become better person, to feel happy and content within myself. That is how my journey of discovering Creator given-gifts started.

Give up the need for control. Install the inner power instead.

Embrace the lead of your inner child while creating happy moments in life.

My Accomplishments:

  • Completed many trainings in the Family Constellations developed by the German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger, by many World distinguished facilitators.

  • Obtained the Reiki Master certificate.

  • Completed two levels training in TIC (Telepathic Interspecies Communication).

  • Completed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Meditation Program 

  • Completed four seminars “Sharing Life with Angels”.

  • Completed four levels training with Susan Aaron in Phsycodramatic Bodywork.

  • Attended several workshops (Norway, Sweden, Canada & UK) with highly acclaimed Practitioners and world Leading Trauma Therapy Professors such as Franz Ruppert.


Facing our fears is a true task and a constant journey.

Stand up for yourself, and say when you are hurt.

Listen to Julijana's Story

Founder of Systemic Healing Method

This is how my journey began

Family Constellation Method & Past Life Meditation

How I became an active Facilitator

Reiki Healing & Telepathic Interspecies Communication

The benefits of these healing methods


Healing Method Sessions

How Systemic Healing Method developed

How Will You Benefit from these Healing Sessions

Why I recommend these services

Why I recommend these servicesJulijana
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How my journey beganJulijana
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How I became a FacilitatorJulijana
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Benefits of Healing MethodsJulijana
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How Systemic Healing Method DevelopedJulijana
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